Specialists for special tasks

Expect more: As specialists in custom machines and production lines, the companies of the SCHMID Gruppe make no compromises when it comes to meeting your requirements. In every sector and for every task.

Automation, deburring, cleaning, assembling, handling and integrating: Our solutions are tailored to match the individuality of our customers' production goals. Each solution is based on innovation which allows us to create something really unique.

Through our dedication we became a partner of global leaders in manufacturing. By the time one of our systems is put into operation somewhere around the globe, it has already undergone rigoros testing at one of our factories.

The SCHMID Gruppe is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4.


Complex tasks require special knowledge and groundbreaking technologies. We combine this expertise in the SCHMID Group. Each of our companies sets standards in its field. For outstanding automation and handling projects and for maximum customer satisfaction.

Assembly technology

Benefit from our broad expertise in assembly technology for practically all areas.

Handling technology

Precise handling solutions for reliable and cost-effective workflows in your production.

Screw driving/Press-in/Measuring

From screw driving and press-in control systems to screwdrivers and joining modules to adequate data and information technology.

Low-pressure/high-pressure cleaning

Complete solutions that cover the entire range of low- and high-pressure cleaning and deburring technology.

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